Traffic Control Supervisors Association
(commonly referred to as TCSA), is an association of professional members employed full time in the field of traffic operations and other related fields dedicated to ensuring safe effective travel through the transportation corridors in our respective jurisdictions by means of furthering education and networking, keeping up to date on the latest changes in laws, methodology, improved materials and equipment.

The Purpose of TCSA
To provide a means and environment for the exchange of ideas and knowledge for the mutual benefit of its members. Through association, to keep abreast of the latest mechanical and technical developments of materials, tools and equipment. To meet periodically for the purpose of discussing subjects of general or specific interest which may be traffic zone painting, curb markings, traffic control signs or general traffic control problems.

We are proud of our strong and vibrant organization, thus we would like to encourage you to join.

There are three levels of membership in TCSA: Regular, Associate and Life.

Regular member – shall be open to any full time employee of a city, town, municipality, state or federal agency whose primary duties pertain to traffic operations or related fields.

Associate member – (Vendors) may be granted to any individual or company upon application for membership, and payment of prescribed annual dues, subject to the approval of the board.

Life member – shall be an individual who has been a regular or associate member who has retired from their respective agency or company.

TCSA Meetings

Our meetings are designed to allow for an exchange of ideas in the traffic arena. If you, your city or county is having a particular problem we are confident that these meetings will allow you to learn how others have solved similar problems. Attendance will allow you to keep abreast of the latest technical developments thereby allowing you to bring new talents to your department.

Prior to the luncheon guest speakers and vendors demonstrate new striping equipment, sign materials, traffic paint or other products of interest to traffic supervisors, foremen, lead workers and maintenance personnel.

The meetings are generally casual and you are always invited to bring others from your department. We are confident that you will enjoy these meetings and that you will look forward to attending them regularly.